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The cost of a bad hire

Posted on 21st June 2017 at 12:23pm by Amanda Franks FIRP in Clients

Learning from a bad hire

In today's interdependent work environment, finding the right match of skills, abilities and vision for the job and for the company is an intricate skill.

Employers are the ultimate hiring decision makers. Working together with in-house approaches it is critical all those involved in the recruitment activities are equipped with the right knowledge, skills, and behaviours in order to apply a clear and consistent methodology

Minimising hiring risks

As a consultancy we want to apply and share our learnings to minimise the risk of poor hires and mitigate related costs.

By working with you the employer we can make the recruitment process robust, professional and methodical making it a win, win situation!

Recruitment stages
Key points
Role definition and ideal person profile
•Move beyond listing responsibilities of the job; define the required skills, knowledge and personal qualities
•Link activities to company brand equity. All recruitment communication to reflect and promote the company brand, vision and values.
Attract applicants
•Be aware how candidates conduct their job search; assess the reach of platforms and develop e-recruitment to broaden the selection pool and build the company brand
•Be diversity conscious; where do under represented groups search for jobs?
•Embrace a flexible workforces; offer flexible and adaptive working practices to boost attraction
Select the best candidate
•Take your time over hiring decisions – look beyond skills to traits that match company values
•Determine your selection criteria before you start
•Identify and tackle unconscious bias and discriminatory practices
•Provide a quality candidate experience with ongoing communication and feedback
Hiring and beyond
•Train new recruits giving them a solid understanding of job requirement and team dynamics
•Offer career development and training opportunities to maximise potential
•Receive regular feedback during on boarding and beyond, conduct exit interviews

Working together with recruitment agencies

Recruitment stages
Key Points
Select partner
•Determine the criteria used to select agencies (quality of service, expertise, reputation etc.)
•Decide budgets and cost for example retention agreements, sole agency rates, no win no fee
Role definition and ideal person profile
•Make sure briefs provided are details and clearly state needs; help recruiters understand the company and visions – allow visits
•Ensure you talk the same language and are optimising the shared process
Attract candidates
•Work closely and collaboratively to use different recruitment platforms and assess and reach candidates of diverse backgrounds.

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