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Posted on 11th September 2017 at 11:32am by Amanda Franks FIRP in Clients, Job seekers

Being a recruiter is a curious thing. I’ve always been proud of it but numerous times I have been mid conversation with someone and they ask what I do and I say recruitment and their face hits the floor and their eyes roll. 

I want to ask employers a question. 

Is the behaviour of some recruiters to blame for the image of the industry or do the clients encourage it? 

When Frankly Recruitment started in 2009 survival was the new winning. You took any vacancy you could pick up through persistent cold calling and clients called all the shots. My team and I sat through meetings being metaphorically beaten with a stick whilst we smiled, nodded and said “we must try harder” 

In our line of business we are given a vacancy by an employer. Often they share that one job with many other agencies so one prize, one chance. Competition is healthy and we have a good success rate on multi agency vacancies. Our aim is to raise the bar within the industry. This means that we need to be able to do the job properly, this means we need time and commitment from our clients. 

We meet our candidates where possible, which in 90% of incidences is possible, if not we have Skype; this is 2017. We have the facility to skills test a candidate, social media check them, and psychometric profile them. All of this takes time. Once we have created a strong shortlist we submit to the client and are all too often met with “we received this CV from another agency two days ago”.  

Of course we are disappointed and stunned, as having spent so much time on the candidate we have created a business relationship with the person. Their response is “that agency did call me briefly but they didn’t tell me the name of the company and no we haven’t met”. Quietly we withdraw to lick our wounds, but is this fair? 

The agency that flings the mud then receives the fee.  

This situation is happening more and more. I would ask employers to ask the candidate they are interviewing what their experience was with the agency that submitted them. A good agency can justify their fee easily. 

As the market changes we find ourselves being able to identify “quality” business. We have released time consuming clients who don’t want to create business relationships. There will always be the client that enjoys driving a hard bargain. That’s ok but there comes a time when naturally the client that pays a fair fee for our service will become the priority. 

We are all guilty of taking a short cut occasionally but poor practice continues and will continue if it is rewarded with business. 

If you use a recruitment consultancy understand who is representing your business. Do you want to hand over money for a briefly matched CV to a job spec? Challenge your recruiters. Ask them why they have shortlisted the candidate. 

Ask the candidate how they view the agency that represented them. 

Let your consultant visit your business and really understand the culture and offer their expertise.  

Recruitment services aren’t cheap so the service shouldn’t be either. 

We respect clients that work with integrity and believe the agency that introduces the candidate deserves the business but simply emailing a CV isn’t an introduction to a person. 

There are some good and some great agencies; please don’t push them to take short cuts to compete with those cowboys that will rob you of a fee for nothing more than the cost of an email. 

Please support us in raising the standards within our industry

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