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If you can't be nice, don't be a recruiter!

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Posted on 24th October 2017 at 10:22am by Amanda Franks FIRP in Clients, Job seekers

As many of you know, I tend to blog when I have something to rant about. Today I do.

My passion, and many recruiters passion, is to raise standards within our industry. We still have an image of money grabbing, uncaring monsters akin to thieves in the night!

Recruiters please choose to not feed that reputation. Choose to behave in a way that change perceptions. That means we have to work harder than most just to make people like us.

This week we were working on a vacancy. It was a multi-agency role. The candidate had a brief from one agency but they held back the company name and job description. This in itself is not professional. How can a candidate research and make intelligent decisions about their career if they don’t even know who they are applying to!? Anyway, the agency submitted their CV.

We briefed the same candidate. We discussed the company, the culture, opportunities for progression and debated if it would be a good application for the company and the candidate and we agreed it would be. We submitted their CV.

The client came back and said they had received our CV first and wanted to see the candidate. Now it could just as easily been the other way round. This isn’t about placements; this is about what happened next.

The candidate received a phone call from the recruitment consultant (and I use the title reluctantly). He shouted at the candidate, telling them they were stupid and why would you apply for the same job twice. This ranting went on for a few minutes before the candidate, upset, left the call.

Shouldn’t we see job seekers as our customers? Would you expect to get yelled at in a shop for choosing to purchase an item in one outlet over another? Of course not.

Who did this consultant think he was? He brings disrepute on our industry and should not hold the title of consultant.

I am sure many job seekers have received a frustrated mouthful from a losing recruiter but please, if you want to have pride in your job, think on. These people are not pawns in a game. They are looking to find support and expertise. Please give it to them. You won’t always receive instant returns and results but it will make you a better human being.

Rant over.

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