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The Importance of induction

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Posted on 2nd May 2017 at 9:19am by Amanda Franks FIRP in Clients

**How many first days have you had?** Starting a new job and joining an established team can be terrifying and the fear of looking stupid debilitating. If the feeling of unease is strong enough you may lose the candidate you worked so hard to find. It is therefore worth spending the time on an effective induction. A well planned, well managed induction will increase the speed of full productivity as well as avoid costs incurred in unnecessary recruitment to replace the lost employee. **The First Contact** Usually the first contact will be with HR or a Line Manager. This person should aim to give a clear picture of the working of the business. • A warm welcome to the company – don’t leave your new starter hanging around waiting for you! • Pay – Address method of payment, holiday entitlements, hours of work and any benefits. • Take payroll information • Provide a staff handbook if available or make clear information on absence reporting, policy and procedures  • Do they smoke? Communicate smoking areas and policies  • Confirm induction process • Ensure the employee has opportunity to ask questions **Meeting the Team** Make sure everyone is expecting the new starter and are aware what they will be doing. Have you prepared their desk, arranged IT systems, logins and facilities? Do this before they arrive. It is important to do some practical work on the first day but try not to overwhelm. Having an induction plan that involves as many team members as possible at different times across the first week will ensure that the “settling” period is as quick and comfortable as it can be. You invest highly in recruiting, don’t neglect the induction process and risk losing a great candidate.

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