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Recruiting in a candidate driven market

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Posted on 25th October 2017 at 9:33am by Amanda Franks FIRP in Clients

So here we are again. The market has flipped, confidence is returning and the power is with the people!

Welcome to the “Candidate Driven Market”

There is one phrase if you are recruiting in this market that you need to remember

“You Snooze, You lose”.

So, if you are recruiting in this market, it is worth considering the following:

  • Make sure you are ready to make an offer

This sounds a bit forward but the reality is that you will lose a calibre candidate if you’re not quite ready to recruit. Have you blocked time in your diary for first and second interviews AND have you got sign off? If the answer is no, then prepare to have to repeat the process and lose talent to other employers. Be flexible and consider the candidates situation when organising interview times. Once you start interviewing you must be ready to offer quickly if the need arises and you may have to negotiate. This is not a negative, it’s a candidate driven market!

  • Be prepared to compromise

There is a skill shortage. You may not get every desirable skill in one person. Consider what is important and be open to transferable skill sets between industries. If you are looking for “perfect” you may end up with a headcount gap for quite some time!

  • You don’t always need a comparison

Frequently we have clients who have met their ideal candidate but are wary of making a decision without having interviewed comparisons. In a market where candidates have several options they won’t wait for you to dither. If they are right, snap them up quickly!

  • Trust your recruiter

If you have chosen an agency to shortlist for you, trust them to do their job. Do not stockpile CV’s and if you are told your favourite candidate has an offer on the table from another employer, the chances are this is NOT a sales trick. A quality recruitment consultant will be working very hard for both candidate and client. The client that works with them at the pace of the market will result in hiring the best calibre.

  • Be prepared to sell yourself and your business

First impressions count. Ensure the candidate has the best experience when attending interviews with you and your business. One candidate may be attending several interviews at any one time and if you appear chaotic, disinterested or cold when it comes to you offering them a role and the interviewer that sold the vision, guess what? You lose!

If you are using Frankly Recruitment to support you with your recruitment you are in safe hands.

Our consultants have all worked in candidate driven markets previously and can advise you throughout the process. This is the time to work with experienced recruiters to source you the best talent on the market AND ensure they are retained.

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