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Sometimes you should say NO!

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Posted on 16th January 2018 at 3:08pm by Amanda Franks FIRP in Clients, Job seekers

Not all business is good business

We’ve had a frustrating couple of weeks at Frankly Recruitment. A couple of our clients have left us in an awkward spot!

Our industry requires us to work for both the client and the candidate. Both are customers and deserve our best service and representation. It seems that many agencies put the representation of their clients before the candidates and this is what increases the poor feedback on the industry.

We had a call the week before Christmas from a client that uses several agencies to recruit. They stressed they had a role, it was urgent, and they wanted us to prioritise it. Naturally we jumped on it. Our database allowed us to brief our registered suitable candidates and we met or skype interviewed others and supplied a shortlist within 48 hours who were ready for to interview the next day.

During a call on Christmas eve we were told the candidates were perfect and interviews would be the first week back, we passed this information on. The first week in January came and went with multiple emails and calls being made to the client; after all we had told the candidates interviews would be the first week of January! All we could say to the applicants was we are sorry we haven’t heard anything.

Finally, interviews were held. The next day armed with the candidate feedback we try to contact the client to get their feedback and nothing. Please remember this was an “urgent” fill role. 3 days later we are told we will know more on Thursday. Thursday comes and goes, no call no response and the candidate is getting quite frustrated, not at the client, at us.

The reason I share this story is that recruiters must have the confidence to consult honestly with their clients. In this case this situation was a duplicate of what happened the first time we worked with them. They took so long to come back the shortlist had got other jobs and we had to restart the process. We met with them and discussed what went wrong after the first recruit but clearly our advice wasn’t taken on board.

This client is getting “whose left” rather than “whose best” and that’s not our service. 

So, in this instance we decided we no longer wanted to represent this client and will politely decline their roles in the future.  

The candidates time has been wasted and they blamed us. We had no control over the ever-changing goalposts and we were left in the awkward situation of updating when even we didn’t believe the updates! The consultants time has been wasted and ultimately our reputation has been tarred.

The recruitment process must be respectful of all parties and if it isn’t then you must consult and if nothing changes walk away. Not all business is good business.

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