Who really is your competition?

I wanted to share with you something simple that had a huge impact on me and I want job seekers out there to take it on board too.

Alex Nairn is my uncle. He knows me probably better than I know myself. My whole career I have gone to him with situations I find myself in and he does nothing more than challenge my thinking. I think everyone should have someone like this in their life.

Of all the things he has said to me, one sticks with me.

You think you’re up against everyone,

You’re not,

You’re only up against those that are trying,

Not everyone is trying,

At the time I was thinking of starting a recruitment agency in Swindon. I live with a very noisy person in my head. Mind talk, yes I debate with myself! I can literally talk myself out of anything and at the time, the idea of finding new business in a town with over 140 other recruitment businesses was overwhelming to say the least.

Rationalising my thinking to listen to the truth that actually, not everyone is out there giving it 100% made me realise, I was capable of competing with the few that were. 15 yrs later I am still recruiting in Swindon.

The reason for this quote coming to mind is that there are literally hundreds of job seekers hitting the market every day at the moment. It must be overwhelming to think that you are just one person amongst so little opportunity and feel there is no point in trying.

I am here to tell you, not everyone is trying.

I have advertised three jobs and only received 8 application between them this week. Yet, I am swamped with job seekers looking. They are not all trying. Many are relying on the furlough payment to run out and some are enjoying the summer weather financed by redundancy payments but not everyone is trying; you can and you should!

Every time you see an opportunity apply, call and never look at the application levels and think you don’t have enough to offer. The other phrase that counts right now is “you have to be in it to win it!”

Please take my uncles words of wisdom on board and forget the competition because honestly, not everyone is trying.

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