Please don't darken my door again!

We all have a job to do and a recruiters job is to work for both the client and the candidate.

It’s a candidate driven market so priority is to introduce your talent to clients that are looking for your candidates skills.

Clients don’t like speculative CV’s but you have what they want potentially.

Catch 22?

Are PSL’s and “processes” so rigid you can’t ever look at anything or anyone else?

We are on many PSL’s but understand in this market it’s about the talent you provide. If you see someone worth interviewing then engage is my view. It’s a busy market place and good candidates register with only a couple of agencies so may not ever reach you any other way.

Providing CV’s aren’t mass marketed but thoughtfully sent in relation to public information then where’s the harm? You could be shooting yourself in the foot.

Block the mass mailers, fine!

As an HR person or in house recruiter; even if that candidate was perfect for your role would you refuse to engage or even discuss a one off supply with a new agency?

I have many success stories about spec introductions that have gone on to be long term supplier relationships.

Ducking now as I am shot down for sending spec cv’s! #weworkforcandidatestoo

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